History has been made. 

The impossible has been achieved. 

All throughout history, we’ve seen dedicated men and women attempt to do the impossible. And in the process, some have achieved greatness. 

In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile. Something that was widely regarded as impossible for humans to achieve.

In 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. Something that also seemed impossible until it was achieved.

And just last week, something else that was regarded as “impossible for humans” has just been achieved.

On Saturday, Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge managed to do what no man in history has been able to do before… he ran a marathon in under 2 hours.

Now that may not sound like a big deal to non-runners, but if you break it down, that works out to be an average of 2 minutes and 50 seconds per kilometer, for 42 kilometers. That’s tough!

How did he do it?

Well apart from the obvious answer of running fast for a long period of time, there are 3 key points to his story. 3 key steps that pushed him to succeed:

1. He believed it could be done, and ignored the people who said it couldn’t,
2. He surrounded himself with other top runners who helped him along the way (he had 41 “pacemakers” take turns running with him, to make sure he didn’t fall behind the pace),
3. He tried multiple times until he succeeded.

And these 3 same steps have been used by traders throughout history, to achieve their own remarkable feats.

Successful traders have the belief that it can be done, even though a large portion of traders are unsuccessful.

Many successful traders had other top traders help them along the way.

And lots of top traders failed multiple times before they “made it”.

Keep these 3 steps in mind. Believe in them and apply them, and you’re already on your way down the path of trading success, like many traders before us.

And keep in mind this inspirational comment from Kipchoge after he finished the run:

“I want to inspire many people, that no human is limited.”

Happy trading,


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