It was school holidays over the last month, so to keep my kids occupied I took my 6-year old daughter and 3-year old son to the cinemas. We watched ‘Wreck it Ralph 2’.

As expected, there were lots of kids there, all very excited to see the movie.

The lights dimmed, and the curtains were pulled back.

The screen came on and everyone was ready, then…

On came the ads.

And then a few movie trailers.

And then some more ads.

Kids were getting restless; the anticipation was killing them.

Parents were getting frustrated – because the kids were getting restless.

Kids were getting upset that their parents were getting frustrated that the kids were getting restless.

OK, ok, you get the point!

Finally, 27 minutes later, the movie started.

27 minutes later!

In this day and age, people want instant access. We’re busy, we’re impatient, and we want fast results.

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And trading can be the same. We’re busy, we’re impatient, and we want fast results.

But most of the time when we’re building trading strategies, we just sit there frustrated, waiting for results.

Test a few ideas here. Try a few things there. Tweak. Adjust. Test again.

And then eventually through all the frustration and waiting, something good finally appears.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to wait so long for results, and it really doesn’t have to be that painful.

Here’s the trick:

One of the best ways to get results fast is to emulate what others have already done.

Find someone who has already put in the time and effort to “figure it out” and simply do what they’re doing.

People across all different industries use this approach to accelerate their progress, and it really works.

A few years ago, I was that guy building trading strategies the slow way. I’d stay up late at night, manually testing ideas until I could barely keep my eyes open. Occasionally I’d find something worth trading, but most of the time everything I tested was worthless. Deep down I knew there must have been an easier way.

And I was right.

In the Build Emini Breakout Strategies Fast program, we put a huge amount of effort and focus on creating a process that traders use to get quick results.

In the course, traders discover the essential elements they need to create breakout strategies fast, and they even get the code ready to go, so they can get straight into it.

No lengthy delays. (Student Henrik achieved ‘overnight success’ with the program, you can hear about his story here.)

No sleepless nights.

Fast results.

And it’s all built on years of Hedge Fund research and live trading, so it works.

If you’re sick of waiting and want faster results, you can get more details about the ‘Build Emini Breakout Strategies Fast’ program here.

Happy trading,


PS. The program doesn’t just work for eminis either, it works on other markets, including stocks, global futures etc.


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