Recently, we’ve received an interesting question during the 14-Day Breakout Challenge:

Tomas, why did you leave other trading styles (commodity spreads, pair trading, options, etc.) and focused on ATS (Automated Trading Strategies) only? 

Here’s the answer…

The reason why I fully moved to automated trading is, in fact, very simple:

Freedom of time.

I’m over 40 years old now (in fact, my birthday will be next week) and I decided to get semi-retired already. 

That doesn’t mean doing anything.

That simply means having the time to do things and projects I enjoy (traveling, meditating, working on Better Trader Academy), while not caring when I take the time to do them.

Let’s put it this way:

During my trading career of 10+ years, I’ve never had bigger freedom of doing what I want, when I want, like with fully automated trading.

As I have explained clearly in the 14-Day Breakout Challenge, I can now automate literally everything, from the process of building new strategy candidates to robustness procedures, to the trading itself.

It doesn’t matter where I live (I have lived in 4 countries so far) or what time it is.

Nowadays, computers can work for you – at any time.

My development, trading and hedge fund servers are running 24/7.

If this wouldn’t be possible, I could have never traveled 64 countries, taken a 100-days cruise ship around the world, or be sitting at McCafe writing this article and thinking about moving to Kuala Lumpur for 6 months during Autumn.

So, let me do a quick summary for you:

1) The revolution of computerization is here. Super-fast computers are cheap and accessible to anyone more than ever. In fact, you don’t even need to own them. You can just rent a lot of computing power for almost nothing and manage it from any place in the World.  
2) The ability to connect to exchanges all over the world through the internet is as simple as a few mouse clicks. All the solutions are here, and they cost nearly nothing. Right now, you can trade on exchanges in Hong Kong, London, Chicago, New York – and do it even from your mobile phone. But most importantly, you can have computers do all that work automatically. 
3) Although making money through fully automated approaches is not easy, it’s definitely doable. Yes, you do need some knowledge and a proven framework to build truly robust strategies. You need to understand how to assemble the right portfolio, how to capitalize it, and how to automate most parts of the development and trading process without having to know much about programming (and I explain all of that in the Breakout Masterclass). But it can be done. There have been many traders doing it before you, and there will be many more doing it after you. 

Now, considering everything said above, I often wonder:

What’s stopping you from taking advantage of all that too?

If you are not a fully automated trader yet – what’s holding you back?

All the opportunities, know-how and tools are already here, fully available. 

And if you don’t know how to start, you can simply begin with the FREE 14-Day Breakout Challenge.

Happy automated trading!

Tomas & Andrew


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