In the last few weeks, I’ve received requests to share more details about the strategies from our hedge fund.

I don’t normally do this, as I’m protective of showing anything directly from our hedge fund ‘kitchen’, but this time, I decided to make a small exception.

There are a few reasons why I’m sharing this exclusive video.

Firstly, a lot of traders think the biggest obstacle in system trading is the lack of great, robust, high-quality strategies, but this is simple once you figure out the right framework for creating robust trading strategies.

In our hedge fund, we can create robust, high-quality breakout strategies at any time, on any market, literally ‘on demand’ as you’ll discover in the video.

Secondly, a lot of people think that my breakout strategy framework works only for futures markets.

This is far from the truth!

The breakout strategy framework is absolutely universal, and in this video, I share some strategies we’ve developed for stocks and ETFs too.

And lastly, many traders don’t understand why you need hundreds of robust strategies to create a great portfolio. In the video, I explain why the luxury of choice is crucial if you want to aim for the best in trading performance.

Here’s what you’ll see in the video:

  • A first-hand look at our hedge-fund database, with more than 500 robust and high-quality strategies. (We had over 1,000+ strategies, but it was too much for regular weekly updates, so we kept the best 500.)
  • You’ll see different strategies from diverse markets (e-mini, soybeans, stocks, futures, gold, ETFs etc.), including swing and intraday strategies, trading both long and short sides. Here’s an example of one of the many strategies you’ll see in this video:

  • Even though we have 100’s of profitable strategies in our database, we don’t use them all. In this video I share some simple tips to building portfolios and how you can achieve stable performance with only a few carefully selected strategies.

All of the strategies you’ll see in the video were built using the exact same process, including very tough robustness testing procedures.

You can learn all about the framework in our Breakout Strategies Masterclass, where I explain all you need to know to start building your own robust breakout strategies from scratch. If you’re interested in learning more about the Masterclass, you can find some details here.

Check out the video too; we hope you find it inspiring!

Happy trading!


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