Yes, it’s true… when it comes to the markets, I’m a cheat.

And with all honesty, I cheat a lot.

It allows me to get ahead of other traders and literally take their money.

But, I don’t call it “cheating” in front of others, because they may think badly of me, so I prefer to call it “An Unfair Advantage”.

Why is it unfair?

Because it allows me to extract more money from the markets while giving far less money back.

Curious to know how I do it?

One of my most favorite techniques is looking deep inside the markets like an x-ray, and extracting the ‘hidden’ data that tells me the TRUE strength or weakness in the market.

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This data is invisible to the majority of traders.

They’re blind to it, so they don’t see the subtle clues about the market conditions until it’s too late.

But it allows me to get in and out of trades before the majority of traders realizes the market has changed. I take trades only when the markets are in their best conditions, and I exit my positions and take my gains before the markets turn against me.

This often improves my returns while also reducing drawdowns.

Are you interested to discover more about this “Unfair Advantage”, including code and case studies comparing before and after?

You can download them now at Trading Market Internals.

Just check it out – but pssst, don’t tell anyone we’re cheating!

Happy trading!

Tomas & Andrew


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