I have to admit openly – I hate coding.

To me, it’s just a waste of time.

I love walking and traveling.

I love meditating.

I love exploring oriental cuisine.

But I hate sitting in front of a computer, staring at a blank screen, and thinking what is the best way to code my new trading idea.

Of course, it’s much better nowadays. My hedge fund has a team of programmers, so the demands to code myself are very occasional. (Usually just to draft a new idea or path, so the team can take it from there).

But it wasn’t always like that.

I used to sit in front of my computer for days and nights. Trying to code my trading ideas.

Not sleeping.

Not having a life.

Having headaches and fatigue.

And moving forward painfully SLOW.

Have you experienced this too?

If you have, then you understand why one day I said “ENOUGH!”.

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I couldn’t keep continuing like that.

I knew I had to figure something out.

Something more time-efficient, to get my life back.

So one day, I went back to the drawing board and started thinking about different ideas.

Different approaches. Different solutions to my aversion against coding.

And a few more sleepless weeks later…

I finally got it:

Stop coding yourself and let the computer do the coding for you.

In other words, develop code that develops codes.

And that’s how my first ‘Smart Code’ was born.

It was a simple code, that I designed to “code”, design and test trading strategies itself.

I didn’t even need anything fancy for that.

I designed it all on my average laptop, in TradeStation (but can be very simply coded in any other trading platform too).

And it worked great.

Literally on any market and timeframe.

Plus it was an “open” solution (not a closed “black-box”). That means I could always change it or keep extending it with new ideas and new insights whenever I wanted.

So, I started using this ‘Smart Code’ heavily. And very soon developed hundreds of amazing breakout trading strategies – without spending more than 5 minutes a day!

And many of them I started trading live, with real money.

Now – the reason I’m sharing this story with you is:

We all strive for more time.

We would all prefer to get better and faster results, with less time and effort.

And because I had a solution that could potentially help thousands of other traders, last year I decided to share the solution with others.

So, with the help of Andrew Swanscott, we developed the unique ‘Building Emini Breakout Strategies – FAST’ program, which explains the solution step by step.

So far, this program is the most popular among the Better Trader Academy community.

Hundreds of students around the world are using it… successfully.

Like trader Henrik, the founder of Nordic Autotrading Society, who developed 200 trading strategies in just a week:

So, let me ask you:

Do you also feel overwhelmed with strategy development sometimes?

Do you also strive for more time?

Then I invite you to test the ‘Building Emini Breakout Strategies – FAST’ program too. It has already worked for traders all around the world.

And you can even test it with a full money-back guarantee.

Can it get any better than that? :-)

Stop wasting your time.

Let the computer do the work for you.

It is simple and straightforward.

And will very likely work for you too.

Happy trading!



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