A long-term friend, and key member of my hedge fund, almost died last week.

He was in Chicago, installing new servers for our hedge fund, and he got stuck in the recent arctic cold, which was a staggering -35 Celsius (-31 Fahrenheit). It was so cold, that even the windows in his hotel room started freezing – from the inside! He sent me a photo, so you can get some idea:

But what almost cost him his life was not the cold. It was an unfortunate encounter with a group of homeless people. Normally, all they do is beg for money, but in this case of extreme cold, everything changes. Including priorities.

So this time it wasn’t money they wanted. And they definitely weren’t begging…

It was my friend’s warm winter jacket they wanted, and instead of begging, they were threatening him with a knife. Seriously, they were threatening his life for his jacket.

Fortunately, my friend is a serious bodybuilder. He’s in extremely good shape so he managed to escape without any harm.


Now, I’m extremely happy that my friend got out of this dangerous encounter, but on the other hand, I can’t blame the homeless people either. I think most of us can’t even imagine what these people were going through, or how hard the whole experience had to be for them too. They were fighting for survival too.

And talking about survival…

It wasn’t just my close friend who survived that day, it was my entire hedge fund too!

I know that it might sound like an exaggeration, but this friend is a SUPER KEY person in the hedge fund, because he’s the one in charge of implementing one of our most valuable bits of know-how.

A critical piece of the hedge fund that’s been helping us to successfully fight for survival in the markets:

Our D.P.S. techniques.

Our D.P.S. implementation is so important, it’s at least 50% of our hedge fund success.

We use D.P.S. techniques to increase our risk-adjusted returns and it works insanely well.

To us, D.P.S. is like “manipulating our trading odds”, and can double or even triple our profits on any particular trade.

It’s very unique, and I’m not aware of any other European hedge fund that uses a similar approach, so when I talk about the survival of the whole hedge fund, I mean it! :-)

Fortunately, my friend survived and so did our hedge fund. And I really hope this was his very last potentially dangerous incident.

Let’s hope sunshine and warmer temperatures get back to Chicago soon! :-)

Happy trading!



Oh, I almost forgot to mention the BIG NEWS. We just released a new ebook on D.P.S. It’s free, you can discover more about D.P.S here.


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