I know this is embarrassing.

But I have to confess:

Although I’m European, it took me 4 long years to finally start incorporating European markets into our hedge fund!


I think the wait was totally worth it.

First of all, some really neat European futures markets like FDAX or FGBL are easily accessible by many brokers and platforms, so you can really trade them from anywhere in the world.

But mainly, for breakout strategies, these markets are INSANE.

Just to give you some idea, we recently finished our new “batch” of FGBL breakout strategies (FGBL are Euro Bunds, European bonds, traded in Germany).

And we got nearly a HUNDRED of strategies like this:

Just to give you some overview:

  • All of them are Robustness Level 3, that means they’re VERY robust,
  • All the equity curves are compiled OUT OF SAMPLE, no In-Sample included,
  • There is a secondary OOS validation after the purple vertical line too, and all the strategies have similarly great second OOS validation.

(Also, all the strategies were built with my unique Breakout Strategies Masterclass framework).

I personally think that European markets like FGBL are still a bit more efficient for breakout trading than many of the US markets. Obviously, it seems like there aren’t too many breakout traders in these markets yet – so it’s the perfect time to start including them into your portfolio!

All our European futures markets breakout strategies will be launched with our new CTA portfolio very soon, and I’m seriously excited about that. Not every day do I see such a great market, like FGBL – at least for my breakout trading style.

And how about you? Do you trade European markets? Which ones?

Let me know!

Happy trading and many greetings from Europe! :-)



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