A few days ago, I noticed one of the tires on my car was almost completely flat.

The tire was looking a little flat a few weeks earlier, but it wasn’t causing much of a problem then and I was busy with other things so I did nothing about it.

But now, it was obviously more of an issue. If I left it too much longer, the tire would be completely flat. I needed to act immediately, so I drove to the local petrol station to pump it up before it was too late.

I get the feeling many traders are acting like that right now too.

There are lots of signs that recent market developments could be just the beginning. There could be more troubling times and market crises left to play out in the future.

Perhaps the last few weeks and months have even left some traders with a trading account that looks a little “flat”.

If the warning signs are there, what can traders do to prepare before it’s too late?

In the May 2020 issue of “The Empowered Trader” newsletter, Tomas shares 3 highly effective techniques traders can use right now to survive a crisis, make their portfolios ‘pandemic proof’ and protect their accounts (while still taking advantage of potential opportunities as they arise).

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PS. The flat tire also reminded me of one of my favourite quotes, which applies nicely to trading too: