When I was a kid I loved the Superman movies.

I still remember going to the cinemas (or watching it on VHS – ha, remember those!) with my parents whenever a new Superman movie was released.

One of the scenes that still sticks in mind is the famous helicopter scene.

Lois is in a helicopter, taking off from the top of a skyscraper when it gets snagged in some wires and comes crashing down. The helicopter gets caught on the side of the building and hangs precariously high above the street, as Lois hangs on for life.

Clark Kent appears in the street crowd, sees what is happening and needs to transform into Superman quickly.

He desperately runs around trying to find a private spot to change, and finds a revolving door at the front of a building. With a few quick spins of the revolving door he reappears as Superman and saves Lois (just in time, phew!)

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What has this got to do with trading?

Well think about how you test a trading idea. How many times have you come up with an idea you want to test, then it takes days, weeks, months or even years of fiddling around trying to get it to work?

Imagine if you could transform a raw trading idea into an algo strategy quickly, like Clark Kent transformed into Superman.

Well it’s possible, using a technique called ‘Minimum Viable Strategy’ (MVS).

MVS is based on a process called ‘Minimum Viable Product’, which is used by many companies today to quickly create products. With a bit of tweaking, the ‘Minimum Viable Product’ concept can be applied to trading too.

In this month’s issue of “The Empowered Trader” newsletter, we share the Minimum Viable Strategy approach Tomas uses to transform a basic trading idea into an algo strategy fast. He also shares a unique trading idea that has made +$23,005 USD so far this year (with full code included).

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