This post is going to be sad. Really sad.

If Michael Jackson was still alive today, he would have celebrated his 60th birthday last week.

The King of the pop has been gone for a while – and that alone is sad already.

His music was timeless. Even people who are not into pop music do admit there is no genius like Michael Jackson was. And of course, everyone knows how famous Michael was. And how incredibly rich he was. I once saw a documentary where he spent a few million dollars in an antique shop. In less than 30 minutes, without the blink of an eye!

But I think he was an extremely lonely person too.

I used to work in the movie industry many years ago and I realized that artists are sometimes the loneliest people in the World. Especially if they’re super-famous.

So, when I heard that Michael Jackson would celebrate the 60th birthday recently, I felt really sad imagining how lonely he probably was when he left this World.

And I also think that as traders, we can often connect with lonely people more than others.

Probably because we traders are, in a sense, pretty lonely people too.

First of all, very few people understand what we really do and we often have nobody to talk to about it. People don’t understand us. They don’t talk our language. They have no idea what excites us and they don’t understand that we are driven by something much deeper than money.

And even worse, some people judge us. They say we’re “stupid risk-takers”, or that we’re the initiators of a World crisis. Again, they don’t understand us, they have no idea what we really do, and they’re not even willing to listen most of the time.

And on top of that, our trading world is often just us and our computer screens. With endless charts, numbers, analysis and codes. Yes, it’s OUR world, so we love it. But it can feel lonely. Even talking to Cortana or Siri doesn’t help much (and believe me, I’ve tried!)

So, we’re alone.

Really alone.

And that’s one of the reasons why we decided to establish Better Trader Academy almost 3 years ago.

To fight that loneliness.

To build a community of other traders.

To support, motivate and inspire each other.

To share our challenges and successes.

So, in this post, I just would like to tell you in the words of Michael Jackson’s famous song:

You Are Not Alone.

We’re here with you.

We know what traders are. How different and misunderstood we sometimes feel.

Yet, we never let that loneliness to stop us.

Use it as motivation and inspiration to create something amazing. Something extraordinary.

Use it to keep going and keep improving, so you can fulfill all of your deepest dreams.

With true passion, you’ll never feel alone, whatever others think or say about us.

Happy trading.

Tomas and Andrew


And thank you all the Breakout Masterclass students for creating such an amazing, powerful breakout community in the Breakout community forum. We love to see how much you’re sharing and helping each other every single day there. With true passion and dedication. All your contributions can really make a lot of great, positive impact on the lives and journey of other traders. Thank you!


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