Would you believe how SCARY it can be when your big trading dreams actually come true?


My hedge fund is in the final stages of negotiations to receive a significant amount of money.

For me, a middle-class guy from a small country called the Czech Republic, it’s a HUGE amount of money.

But instead of being overwhelmed with excitement, I’m freaking out!

How strange!

When I started working on my hedge fund project 4 years ago, I was dreaming about this moment.

The moment when a lot of money will be put into my trading “machine” so new wealth can be created.

The moment when I could finally say “I’m closer to the top of trading”.

The moment, I could be really proud of myself.

And when it’s finally about to happen, I feel like standing right in front of Dwayne Johnson (alias ‘The Rock’) and tempting his temper hardly! :-)

The thing is, over the years I’ve learned how many unpredictable things can go wrong in markets. All the time. And how much pressure the market can still give you, even if you’re “well trained” already.

For example:

You get the very best possible tech, yet server crashes still occur.

Or when you think that you’ve just experienced the biggest and most frustrating drawdown ever, but much worse is often behind the corner.

Or when you’ve just spent months and months developing what seems like a great and robust strategy, just to watch it fall apart as soon as you start trading it with real money.

Welcome to trading reality!

Now imagine how this magnifies with each additional zero at the end of your trading account…

And that is what really scares me!

For example, two weeks ago we had a very bad trading day (including an unexpected server crash). And we lost 5,000 USD on each client’s account in our 100,000 USD CTA program. In essence, it’s still nothing. (this CTA is still up nearly +70% for this year).

But now imagine that we’re talking about 10 million, instead of 100k.

All of a sudden, the daily loss would be a staggering 500,000 USD in a single day!

Or, another example:

Last week our 250,000 CTA program brought to each of the program’s clients +11,500 USD. On a single, great trade in Natural Gas.

Now imagine, that with 10 million.

It would be +460,000 USD in a single day!

That’s what an average family in the Czech Republic makes in about 15 years!

So, to be honest, when you start thinking about these numbers it can be overwhelming. And it can be scary.

Of course, I’ve already developed cutting-edge techniques to minimize drawdowns. As well as one of the toughest robustness testing procedures in the industry. I have full confidence in the robustness testing procedures and they’ve been working very well for years. So from many points of view, I couldn’t be better prepared.

Yet, big money is big money – you know?

But let’s turn the page.

Fortunately, there’s a positive side to it too:

Challenges like this keep us ‘alive’.

In the boredom of daily routines, this is what truly gets us excited.

Pushing the boundaries.

Feeling the fear, yet doing it anyway.

Pushing through the unknown and realizing our full potential.

So, despite all the current doubts and fear, I’ll just keep walking…

And so should you.

If there is anything that you think is holding you back from reaching higher levels in trading – don’t let it stop you.

Keep walking, no matter what.

You can definitely do it.

Because you surely can achieve more than you ever thought.

I’m with you!

Happy trading.



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