If you want to double your trading income, you need to double your amount of trading strategies.

It’s simple math – if one trading strategy can make you 20,000 USD per year, then two strategies can make you 40,000 USD per year, etc.

And NO, just doubling your position is NOT the solution, because this will double your income, and also your drawdown. However, two low correlated strategies will double your income, but also decrease your drawdown, so you’ll be making MORE money with LESS risk (which I believe should be your ultimate goal).

Now, how do you double your trading strategies?

I recently started recording a few videos about the way I do it, but I didn’t have time to finish them yet (will do my best in the future).

So, meanwhile, let me share the key 3 elements to doubling your trading strategies, as fast as possible:

1. You need to have a strong model

The hardest way to double your trading strategies is to start jumping from idea to idea to idea. This process can take months, with uncertain results.

What I found out as a super-accelerated SHORTCUT, is having some proven robust STRATEGY model.

I personally use my own Breakout model, and the biggest advantage is, that with a proven model, you don’t need to ‘think that much’ or ‘reinvent the wheel’. You need just a few new, fresh components for that model, and then you are basically done.

Then you test it on a few markets and timeframes, and doubling the number of your trading strategies can happen literally in a few days.

2. You’d better use Genetic Intelligence

There are many misconceptions about the use of Genetic Intelligence in trading. The common one is that it leads to overfitting. That is not really true. First of all, good Genetic Intelligence tends to find global optimal solutions, which can give traders a big advantage with the right application. Second, it depends which step of your strategy development process you decide to use it for, and with what settings.

I found that with the right use, Genetic Intelligence can be the VERY BEST tool you can use to accelerate your strategy development process to unprecedented heights. Personally, I’ve been using it for almost 10 years as the most crucial part of my strategy development process and can’t praise it enough.

This is a TRUE shortcut.

3. Use what really works for your model

And finally, once you put together a proven model with a good and well set Genetic Intelligence approach, you also need to feed both with the right components (trading logic).

Experience helps a lot here. I have been collecting mine for years, but all that work paid off, as now I can create a robust breakout strategy for most markets literally in a day, sometimes even in just a few hours.

So, if you already have some trading strategies that work, think about possible variations of their components. That will give you new, fresh ideas to feed your model and Genetic Intelligence.

And that’s really my secret. If you combine all 3 together – you can double your trading strategies in just a few days, pretty easily.

If you’d like to learn my way of producing reliable trading strategies step by step, I share the entire process in detail and with many priceless tricks here (in case you’d like to save some time and have your new strategies asap).

Stay safe and happy trading,



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