I made a really smart move today. 

It saved me and my family a tonne of time and stress and made for a really enjoyable day. 

I’m currently on holidays in Sentosa (Singapore) and today we decided to go to Universal Studios. 

My 4-year old son was desperate to see the minions, and my 7-year old daughter wanted to see the fairy-tale castle we saw as we drove to Sentosa Island.

As for me, I was nervous. It’s been hot and humid every day in Singapore so far, and the kids can usually only handle an hour or 2 in the heat before they start melting like a McDonalds soft serve on a hot tarmac road in the midday sun.

Plus, I knew it would probably be really crowded, so the trip wasn’t going to be all smiles and happiness.

Anyway, we had to do it, so we grabbed a taxi to Universal Studios, headed up to the main entrance gate and my concerns were immediately realized – there were people EVERYWHERE.

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There were literally hundreds of people waiting to get in. And the lines were HUGE.

Except for 1…

I noticed a line to the far left, which had absolutely nobody in it. And above that lane was a big sign for “Express Pass”.

The “Express Pass” is a special ticket which lets you “jump the queue” in most rides, but you have to pay more to get it.

When we originally booked the tickets, we weren’t sure if the Express Pass would be worth it (it’s double the price of the normal tickets), but as soon as we saw the queues just to get in, I could immediately see the benefits.

And I instantly knew what we had to do… No, not mug the group of self-absorbed Instagram influencers busy taking selfies for their adoring fans so they can “prove” their life is better than everyone else’s (pathetic I know, but each to their own, and I’ve got another story about that for another day). But, I raced back to the ticket line and upgraded our normal passes to Express passes.

It was a brilliant decision. I’m such a genius!

For every ride we went to, there must have been a line of 50+ people waiting. The lines were moving pretty slow and they didn’t look happy standing there like herded cattle in the heat.

And they looked especially unhappy when we walked straight past all of them in the Express line, and jumped on the next available ride.

Our longest wait time must have been 2 mins max. That’s it.

And because we had almost no wait time, we managed to get all the rides done before lunchtime, which was just about the time the kids started overheating. So it worked out perfectly for us.

Yes, it cost a little bit more money, but the results were well worth it. And I’m sure alot of people in the crowded lines were wishing they had an Express pass too.

Unfortunately, lots of traders do the same thing with their trading. They prefer to stay in the slow lane, trying to figure it all out by themselves, and then get all hot and bothered when progress is slow. They even look at other traders, and feel jealous when they see others progressing much faster.

At BTA, we don’t like to see traders stuck in the slow lane. We’ve done it, and it sucks.

That’s why we’ve shared so many trading solutions, which many traders have successfully used to hurtle themselves down the fast lane too. They have some amazing stories (and results), like:

In fact, there are so many more who made the choice to “jump the queue”, you can see some of their results here.

Get out of the slow lane.

“Jump the queue” and join us in the Express lane for faster progress!

Happy trading,


PS. If you’re not sure where to start or want to know what suits you best, check out the options in the getting started page.


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