It happened 11 years ago.

At that time, I had an ENORMOUS fear of flying, which is a problem for a frequent traveler like me… you definitely don’t want to sweat and shake like crazy during take-off and landing every time you fly. So, I HAD to do something about it.

One day, I decided to say “ENOUGH”.

I decided to face the fear of mine, and…

…learn how to fly a plane.

Yes, I thought that facing my fear of flying in such a radical and challenging way could finally fix my fear (which it ultimately did).

But I almost killed myself (and my flying instructor), and it was bloody serious…

It happened during my training, on a beautiful, sunny day. I was learning how to fly a small sport plane called TECNAM 92. It was a very light plane, and it was sensitive to any wind changes – even just a light breeze would shake the airplane noticeably.

Now back to my (almost) crash…

On that day, we were training for a landing using the “touch and go” technique. That means you take off, make one circle, land with just a slight touch of the ground, take off again and then keep repeating this for 20 or 30 times (or as many touch-and-goes you can do in an hour).

Everything went pretty well, until…

…the weather changed dramatically. ALL OF A SUDDEN.

A storm was about to start, so my instructor immediately decided to end the training for that day and instructed me to land the plane fast, but it quickly became too late…

Before I managed to finish the final approach and get back to the ground, the strong gusts of wind had arrived.

Within a few seconds, the plane became UNCONTROLLABLE.

We were being blown around in the wind like a piece of paper. Whatever I tried, I could NOT get control of the plane, and then…

…the airplane stalled.


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The plane started slumping over quickly and I KNEW we were about to die.

I was literally facing death. In my entire life, I was never so close to death as during that stall.

I felt how the plane was rapidly slumping lower and lower. I imagined how strong the impact would be when the plane crashes onto the ground. And I could feel my days were over… I had no way out of this.

Fortunately, I forgot about one important element:


Somehow, as if by magic, just a few meters above the ground, the instructor managed to get control of the plane.

In the very last second.

He pushed the engine throttle to full power, and skillfully directed the plane against the wind, effectively turning the slumping into holding the plane in one place. (As the power of the wind and the power of the engine were pushing against each other). And from this state, he managed to get the plane back to the ground in a controllable maneuver (but it was still a very bumpy landing and it’s a miracle no bones were broken).

So, I survived.

And I really thanked my instructor for saving our lives.

And all he said was:

“That’s why experience matters so much, young man”.

I will never forget these words. Since then, I realized, that EVERYTHING is doable – with the proper experience.

So let me ask you now:

Do you feel truly experienced in your trading already?

Do you feel ready to withstand heavy winds, bumpy days, and sudden stalls?

Because that’s exactly why we created Better Trader Academy.

To share our experience and to protect others from financial crashes.

To make their flight as safe as possible.

And based on all these true stories from the BTA community, I’m proud to say we keep delivering on our mission.

Happy flying!



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