Don’t worry – nothing bad happened to my trading career :-)

In fact, quite the opposite.

Just a few days ago, I landed in Kuala Lumpur.

I moved here for the winter time and will stay in East Asia for the next 4.5 months.

And it is going to be kind of a (long) holiday (full of traveling and adventures).

Because as a trader…. I can! :-)

And because I had an extraordinary year. A lot of success with the first year of my hedge fund (as I shared with you a few days ago). A lot of new and happy traders following and successfully implementing our cutting-edge Better Trader Academy trading solutions (currently from over 50+ countries). And a lot of even better trading stuff in development for the upcoming year.

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But I also need to rest a bit. Recharge my batteries. And Xmas is coming too. Which usually means low volatility and low trading volume. Not the kind of markets I like! (In fact, most years I reduce my trading during Xmas time to the very minimum).

Besides, our hedge fund needs a massive upgrade in every single way. We will be upgrading all of our hardware. Our entire infrastructure. Our proprietary risk-management application. To get ready for the next year, and the significant amount of money that is on the way. And that’s better to do completely “offline”. Plus, my hedge fund team needs some rest too. (They truly deserve it).

So, for this year…

…I am done with trading!

Until January, no markets anymore.

No thinking about my positions.

Just resting with a book in my favorite cafes in Kuala Lumpur. Cleaning my head. And letting new trading ideas and improvements arise.

Now, the reason I am sharing this with you is:

You should do the same.

You’ve been probably working on your trading the whole year.

Thinking, solving, stretching your brain.

But it needs to rest a bit too.

YOU need to rest a bit too.

So just do it.

Replenish. Recharge. Restart. You have about 3 weeks to do that. To get ready for 2019 being your best trading year EVER.

Remember: Nobody ever died from resting :-)

The markets will be here in January again. With new opportunities, as always.

And with a fresh, rested mind, you’ll be ready for them 110%.

Happy resting!



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