Do you sometimes feel like your trading is “cursed”?

When I first started trading I felt like that every single day.

Each time I started building things up and got close to switching from “demo” to “live”, I suddenly stopped.

And instead of taking the step forward, I returned to point zero.

I had no idea why.

I often felt like everything was a total mess.

Too much confusion, uncertainty, and information overload.

It was like a never-ending cycle, I wasn’t able to break through. 

I literally thought my trading was cursed.

But one day I got too exhausted from all of this.

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I had to decide: Either I quit trading or I build some serious momentum one last time and KEEP that momentum going whatever happens.

Fortunately, I chose the later.

I gave trading one more try.

So I built up momentum once again, got my trading strategies ready, got my trading account ready, and then…

…I switched to LIVE trading.


I did it. I broke the cycle. And it felt AMAZING.

And although it took me a few more years to become consistently profitable, I was finally out of the “never-ending” cycle and I still have that momentum today.

If I didn’t make that choice many years ago, I would never have fulfilled my dreams.

I would never live the life I do now. I would never launch my hedge fund.

So, if you’re struggling, I encourage you to:

Keep going, no matter what.

Stay courageous. Push your limits. Break through your fears and self-doubts.

Just do it. I know you can.

There is not a single reason why you can’t.

Happy trading!

Tomas, Andrew and the BTA team

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