I’m back to communism.

In Vietnam, to be more specific.

But it is not the communism I remember from my childhood in the Czech Republic (at that time called the Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic).

This communism is way BETTER, with so many great services around.

Vietnamese, like Chinese, are “famous” for copying everything that works.

But here in Vietnam, they do it SO well, that I’m totally baffled.

For example, I’m currently sitting in “Highlands Coffee”. Which is supposed to be a Vietnamese version of Starbucks + Costa Coffee.

But this one feels like they took the entire Starbucks + Costa Coffee concept to new levels.

And I totally love it.

The whole environment is so much CLEANER. They almost seem to be obsessed with keeping the place as spotless as possible all the time.

The toilets are HEAVEN (which sometimes cannot be said about Starbucks).

The free internet is really fast here and you don’t even need to fill in any login details, like Starbucks in some countries.

The coffee is first league, and you get some really cool iced teas here too.

But mostly – it is not just the environment they copy (and improve) so well. It’s also the quality of the service itself. The service is really FAST. And to pick up your order, you don’t need to stand and wait by the counter anymore. They give you a digital number and you’re called when your order is ready, so you can just sit and chill out in cozy sofas and chairs while you wait!

So, let me tell you this:

Even copying proven concepts can be turned into an amazing art.

And the same applies in trading.

A lot of trading stuff has been invented and proven already. That is our great advantage. Nobody needs to start from zero nowadays, we can just take what already works…

…and make it a truly unique art by adding our own final touches.

And you can do it too:

Take my proven concepts to build breakout strategies fast. And see how much better you can make it by adding your own ideas and inventions.

Or, take our proven Market Internals approach, and use it your own way, like Max Schulz, who came 3rd place in the 2017 World Cup Trading Championship with a fantastic return of 112% (listen to more details in this podcast episode).

Don’t spend your time reinventing the wheel.

Just take what already works – and make it even better.

It’s an enormous, proven shortcut.

Happy trading,



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