Making money in trading is fun and easy.

Lots of traders may disagree, but it’s true. Allow me to explain:

More than a decade ago, I was struggling to be a consistently profitable trader.

Of course, I had billions of reasons why this was happening. Things like an unreliable trading platform, a stupid broker, pit traders seeing my stop-losses and hunting for them, my wife distracting me, and I don’t know what else I came up with.

But I always intuitively felt there was something deeper, that I couldn’t see.

Something not truly ‘right’ within me (rather than within the trading platform or my broker).

And one day, it finally struck me:

Subconsciously, I didn’t believe that making a consistent living in trading was possible.

I was too infected by endless negativity in the vast majority of trading forums. (Thank God, that our Breakout Masterclass community is so much different – a truly inspiring, positive, hard-working group).

I used to read everywhere how trading was hard.

And almost impossible to do successfully.

99% of traders seemed to be losing money and just complaining.

There was so much pessimism everywhere, that it was really easy to get infected by it.

But here is one big truth, that completely changed my direction:

Our actions are always in perfect accordance with our subconscious beliefs.

So, if you get as heavily infected as I did, it’s simple to build this wrong mindset. Full of subconscious beliefs that trading is too hard. That it can not be done. That everybody seems to be complaining, so it probably doesn’t work at all.

And the worst part is, that in most cases we’re not even aware of how these subconscious beliefs are running the show. A show called “constant failure”.

So, one day I said: ENOUGH.

I literally said to myself “fu*k you all”.

I’m going to get all this negativity, pessimism and cynicism out of my life. Starting with places and people that are the perpetrators of these limiting perspectives.

And since then, everything started turning around.

Not immediately. Over months, and even years. Little by little.

But if I had never got out of this infection, I’m pretty sure I would never be where I am today (when it comes to trading).

So, here’s my advice to you:

There’s no benefit in engaging in other people’s beliefs and perspectives.

Besides, they’re just a cause of a halo effect:

The generally accepted perspective that “making money in trading is hard, or nearly impossible” is being constantly “self-enforced”. More and more traders are being infected by it too, which adds to this highly limiting mindset.

But the truth is, the so-called “evidence” proving this theory doesn’t, in fact, prove anything.

It is again subconscious mind prioritizing subconsciously facts to prove our beliefs.

Once we are infected, our mind will always be seeking and prioritizing the evidence of that infection.

That’s how it works.

Since I shifted my belief system into “making money in trading is NOT hard but rather simple, and it is fun”, it was almost incredible how this new perspective started shifting my trading reality. Not only in my trading progress. But surprisingly, I also started meeting so many new winning traders, that it was almost hard to believe. (Compared to the old perspective that “trading is hard and very few people make consistent money trading”).

I even remember that when I moved to Spain, my two neighbors by some unexplainable coincidence were traders too. Both full-time. Both profitable. It’s true – I’m not kidding!

That’s why many cynics and sceptics in trading have a hard time making a stable trading income:

It’s in the blueprint of their thinking pattern, their limiting perspective is holding them back.

I’m not saying scepticism is a bad thing in trading. It’s a very good thing and I personally am very very sceptical when it comes to many aspects of strategy building, robustness testing, and actual trading.

But I never hold on to that scepticism. I’m never too attached to it. In my case, even this scepticism operates on a much stronger underlying belief that making money in trading is NOT hard and it is A LOT of positive fun.

In fact, my core belief is very close to “making money in trading is super-easy”.

That’s the mental blueprint I have been building for years. Without any ignorance or arrogance. It is our free will to choose our perspective. So I was deliberately choosing a very different one compared to the usual herd of losing traders.

And I suggest you to do the same.

Or join the Breakout Masterclass community, where a positive and constructive mindset is our default state. And it truly makes a lot of difference.

Because it all always starts and ends with the mindset.

Happy trading!


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