WARNING: This email could make you laugh out loud.

It could even damage your midriff.

It almost did to me.

Ok, so what’s it about?

I’m currently in East Asia, traveling around and enjoying the local sunshine and great food until April.

However, one thing that is still quite challenging here is the language barrier and “being permanently lost in translation”.

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In Vietnam, English is almost a scared language that nobody speaks. In Malaysia, English is an official language, but try to ask for “a tea without sugar” and the waiter will get totally lost. The only English understood here is “ YES sugar” or “NO sugar”. (Any other wording is usually too complicated for most).

So, things often get a bit lost in translation here. Especially if you’re ordering food from a menu. Like this photo of the most staggering “lost in translation” lunch menu I have ever seen… Are you ready?

Here it is:

Now, I don’t know how about you, but when I saw that I was just speechless :-)

And I’m not even sure what this dish is, but you know what?

We always have the option to keep ourselves out of things when we don’t understand what they mean.

Like weird and dangerous looking dishes in restaurant menus.

Or weird and dangerous looking trades.

My advise?

In this Chinese restaurant, leave the duck out. And in trading, leave the false breakouts out.

Do yourself a favor, only digest and trade the real, high-quality stuff.

No exploded ducks, no false breakouts.

Happy trading.



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