This week I’ve been reading a book that really gave me a kick in the butt and narrowed my focus.

It’s a book called ‘Be obsessed or be average’ by Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, an internationally renowned speaker and trainer, has a property portfolio worth over $1 billion, and has 5 privately held companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Not bad!

I’m only 1/3 of the way through the book but it really gave me a kick in the butt because it reminded me of all the fine traders I’ve spoken to as part of the Better System Trader podcast.

When I think back to my conversations with them, one thing that really stood out to me as a consistent behavior or attitude was their obsession with the markets.

They would talk about working on their trading all day, only leaving their desk when nature calls. They’d skip meals and forget to get up and move around every few hours. They’d work all night, getting just a few hours of sleep before they did it all again the next day. They’d work on weekends, while on holidays and even in their “free-time” they were thinking about the markets.

They were obsessed!

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They recognized there was always room for improvement and they worked tirelessly to get better, never being satisfied with “good enough”. As a result, they were able to achieve much higher levels of success than many other traders.

As Grant says in his book “the goals of the obsessed are always out of reach.”

Now, it can be difficult to keep pushing sometimes, but the alternative can be much more painful – that empty hole in your soul that you haven’t done what you could. That you didn’t live up to your true potential. That hurts.

Each path – being obsessed or being average – is tough.

One requires hard work…

The other requires you to give up on your trading hopes and dreams.

Trading is not an activity you can do half-heartedly. If you try, you’ll very likely end up with an “average” result – an empty trading account, wasted time and money, frustration, regret and some serious disappointment.

So which path will you choose?

Are you obsessed with trading? Or have you settled on average?


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