Many people have dreams related to trading. Like driving a super-sport car or traveling the world, while their automated trading strategies make money for them.

Yet, when they stumble on someone actually LIVING that dream, they say it’s not possible and call him a “scam”!

I’ve been in that position a lot.

When I took a 100-day luxury cruise around the world on the “Costa Deliziosa”, people didn’t believe that I paid for the trip from trading profits.

They thought I was some kind of mafia guy instead!

And in June 2016 when “Technical Analysis Of Stocks And Commodities” published an article called “Around The World In Trading Days”, sharing my experience traveling 64 countries while being a full-time systematic trader, some people said that the magazine made the article up.

Imagine that! One of the most prestigious trading magazines in the world – and some people believe they’re “making articles up”!

And when I shared pictures from exotic Stock Exchanges on my personal trading blog, some said it was “photoshop”.

So, I gave up and stopped explaining to people, or trying to persuade them about anything.

The truth is – I don’t care about pessimists and cynics.

I DO live my dream life.

I actually HAVE done all that traveling.

I absolutely know that you CAN trade and travel, it is very realistic, and I honestly believe that anybody can do it – including YOU.

Traveling while trading was always my biggest dream. I worked very hard to get to that stage, and I had to overcome many hurdles and tough times too.

It wasn’t for “free”, but if you truly want something, nothing in the world can stop you.

And if you for some reason don’t believe it can be done, then that is ok too.

Then you will probably never live a dream like this yourself – because what we do not believe in can never materialize.

As Henry Ford once said ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right‘.

It is up to you what you believe.

If you don’t believe trading can bring you time and freedom, then you have the #1 reason to not even start.

You’ll just waste your time and money. With no results.

If you do believe in trading, then please keep dreaming. Keep hoping, keep having faith. Keep believing and keep achieving.

This will keep you going even on the hardest days.

Anything is possible (look at Elon Musk).

Happy trading!

Tomas & Andrew


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