Here’s an uncomfortable truth not many traders want to hear:

You can’t make a comfortable living trading just a small account.

Yeah sure, we see all these promises of how to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day with a thousand dollar account, but they’re rubbish.

It’s not possible to consistently do that with a small trading account. The leverage required will wipe you out. Your account will go bust.

The simple truth is, if you want to make a comfortable income from trading, you need a larger account. Think 6 figures and more. 

Now I realize this could sound frustrating or even unachievable, but it’s the truth. 

It’s completely ok to trade with a smaller account size while you build up a track record and work towards a larger account, as long as you’re realistic with the expected returns and that it probably won’t be enough to make a noticeable improvement in your life, but…

There IS a way you can make a comfortable living from trading, even with a small account.

I call it the ‘BSL technique’, and it’s a great way to soup-up your trading income without needing a souped-up trading account.

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Using this technique, a number of my students have created a steady monthly income from their trading. For example, student Olda was able to make thousands of dollars MORE every month from his trading, while traveling the world, and with hardly any additional work once it was setup. 

And I even used the ‘BSL technique’ myself for years, while I was building up my account and before I started my Hedge Fund.

But the crazy part is, lots of traders don’t even know about the ‘BSL technique’. And for the traders that have heard about it, most either think it doesn’t apply to them, it won’t work for them, or even how they can implement it.

That’s why I recorded a brand new video course that explains everything about the ‘BSL technique’, step by step. With the information contained in this program, you’ll know exactly how to implement it quickly and easily. And you could be well on your way to making a consistent monthly income without any additional work after it’s setup.

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