Over the last month or so, we’ve been publishing a free online workshop on Facebook, called How to avoid false breakouts and trade genuine signals only in 7 days or less with the ‘Breakout Timing Pyramid’ formula

Just the other day we received a comment that wasn’t so positive:

Now I get why Tony might say this.

There are so many scammers in this industry, it’s difficult to know who to trust.

I even got scammed for a fair chunk of change about 10 years ago. It sucked, and it can sometimes be really difficult to judge the good from the bad. But consider this:

How much do you think Tony actually learnt by being dismissive like this?

Now I don’t know who Tony is. He may already be a top trader, living a life of luxury on his sizable trading returns. Or perhaps he’s even a super successful hedge fund guy managing hundreds of millions of dollars. If he is, good luck to him. Well done! But I doubt a person like that would bother trolling other traders on Facebook, calling scam on anyone trying to share useful trading information.

I also don’t know if Tony actually watched the workshop recording or not (and frankly I don’t care) but let’s compare his response to 2 other traders who actually DID bother to do the research and try the techniques, first Alan:

Or how about Shawn:

And there are plenty of others I could share, but generally, out of these 3 traders, which attitude do you think would benefit a trader more?

Would a dismissive trader who assumes everything is a scam be more inclined to succeed? Sure, they may actually be able to avoid a few dodgy operators, but are they going to progress by assuming EVERYTHING is a scam?

Or would a trader who investigates carefully, has an open mind and makes their own opinion after they know all the facts be more likely to progress?

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Well the answer is pretty obvious, but instead of spelling it out I’d like to share a quote that all traders can learn from. It’s from my main motivational man, Mr Zig Ziglar, who said:

“If you are not willing to learn no one can help you. If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can catch the free workshop recording at SmashingFalseBreakouts.com.

Don’t be like dismissive Tony… Be determined to learn and “no one can stop you”!

Happy trading,



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