If you’re like me, you’ve probably read A LOT of trading books.

And in that case, I think you can proudly call yourself a “trading books snob” as well :-)

Here’s the thing:

The more trading books you’ve read, the more you have to compare. And the more you compare, the more fancy you naturally become.

My taste for trading books is pretty high, I have to admit. I still keep buying lots of trading books, but there aren’t many that have truly satisfied my appetite recently. I know that when it comes to trading book priorities, we all have some, and it is highly individual. In case you’re curious, these are mine:

  • I like THICK trading books. I don’t know why exactly, but I just love books filled with information and I also feel like I’m getting more for my money. Of course, it is more about the content than the form – but a THICK book of good trading information is, to me, definitely better than a THIN one :-) That’s why I like certain books from Van Tharp, for example.
  • I like trading books with actual trading examples and equity curves in them. For example, a lot of people praise the classic book “Reminiscence Of A Stock Operator” by Edwin Lefévre. But I did NOT like that book at all. No trading examples, no practical tips, no equity charts. It was a nice story, but that’s all. I like a blend of everything, but definitely with a lot of practical tips, charts and examples.
  • To me, a good trading book is a mixture of trading ideas and trading techniques. I do not like trading books that are heavy math, only full of numbers and formulas. I know many do like books like that, but not me. I get easily bored with books like that. I like learning about more trading topics, than just math and code. Like building the right trading mindset, or even reading a bit about trading lifestyle. That’s part of trading as well, not just math, code and charts (which of course, I like a lot too, but it must be the right “blend” of everything, not just boring math and numbers.)

Now, there’s a very specific reason why I’m sharing this all with you:

Because Andrew and I always wanted to create a book for you exactly like THAT.

Something the majority could enjoy a lot – but so could both of us.

And this is how our Algo Trading Blackbook was actually created.

To give you more of an idea:

1. We wanted to create a book LOADED with value.

And I believe, we succeeded. Not many books can compete with 600+ pages of exciting, educational, but also fun to read content. In fact, I suspect the book we created is also the thickest algo trading book currently on the market:

And YES, it is a physical book, not an electronic book. Because we both believe that true trading snobs still prefer paper books over screen!

2. We wanted to fill it with a BUNCH of examples, charts and equity curves.

And you’ll find it all there. A book loaded with examples. It’s a very practical book, you can implement A LOT of it directly into your trading. It’s loaded with information, inspiration, tips, tricks and examples.

3. We wanted to create an exciting BLEND, that will help you improve in ALL the areas of your trading.

A book for everyone. For both newbies and experienced traders. With practical tips and advice, psychology, and lifestyle as well. The perfect blend of everything. That’s why the book is divided into 4 parts:





Altogether, 71 chapters, perfectly crafted to maximize your trading progress and growth!

Now, the real question is:


You can get it as an EXCLUSIVE present completely for FREE once you join the Empowered Trader Club.

Only Empowered Trader club members get the book – this is the ONLY way to get it.

As soon as you join the club, we post it out to you.

And then you can start enjoying it and implementing everything you find in there.

Welcome to the exclusive club of trading books snobs! :-)



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