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Become a more Confident and Profitable Trader.

Better Trader Academy trading courses are designed to show you the fastest path to progress and give you the confidence you need to become a better and more profitable trader.

These trading courses are hands-on and focused on real-world trading. As you progress through the Academy, you’ll quickly see how you can easily build proven algorithmic trading strategies and thrive as a professional trader.

You are one step closer to becoming the next algorithmic trading specialist. Find the Trading Course that’s suitable for you!

Find Your Trading Course Level:

1. Beginner

Trading Courses_Breackout Challenge

Learn how to start creating Profitable Breakout Strategies in under 2 Weeks without spending more than
35 minutes a day.

Emini Breakout Challenge

Learn how to build e-mini intraday breakout strategies FAST, using proven techniques that have helped hundreds of successful breakout traders
to greater levels of success.
*No programming knowledge required.

system trading unleash

A complete beginner’s road-map to successful systematic trading. Unleashing what works, what doesn’t, and what’s the quickest path to success.

2. Intermediate

smashing false breakouts

Smash through frustrating false breakouts, stop taking low-quality trades and slash those painful drawdowns.

breakout strategies masterclass

The most complete course on building and trading breakout strategies ever. This course covers everything you need to build viable breakout strategies. These are the same techniques Tomas used to launch his Hedge Fund!

breakout strategies masterclass swing

Discover how to build profitable swing strategies in just HOURS! 

*Only available to Breakout Strategies Masterclass students.

3. Advanced

automated strategy development for busy trader

Supercharge your automated Strategy Development. Automate the entire strategy development process and create strategies while you sleep!

*Only available to Breakout Strategies Masterclass students.

Discover how to implement intelligent and market behavior-based Dynamic Position Sizing to boost trading performance, increase returns and smooth equity curves.

Dynamic Profit Trading Course

Exit weak trades early and make more money by automatically adjusting exits in real-time by staying in winners longer.

*Only available to Breakout Strategies Masterclass students.

market internals

Reduce drawdown, adapt to changing market conditions and dramatically increase trading performance using these powerful Market Internals techniques.

4. Elite

Elite Trading Course

An exclusive year-long mastermind program for a small group of the most advanced and motivated traders.
By invitation only

DISCLAIMER: Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. People can and do lose money. Hypothetical results have many inherent limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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