Last week I shared with you a story of my past two trading heroes, Mike and Bob.

You already know this story, but let me also tell you what happened just shortly AFTER that…

Just after we published that post, I read it again, and I actually started thinking:

Now that I’m doing pretty well in trading, and have even launched my own hedge fund…

…who are my trading heroes right now?

So I started thinking, when, all of sudden, an email arrived in my inbox…

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It was from Craig, one of our very first students, and it said exactly this (I’m republishing the email with Craig’s approval):

“I just wanted to say a quick note of appreciation.

I’m still finding more uses for Market Internals!

I’ve recently been looking to diversify my trend following systems with some mean reversion systems. I developed a promising short-only mean reversion equities strategy, which originally had a raw MAR of 0.6.

In the in-sample period I noticed it suffered particularly from left-tail risk events when the market made particularly strong, sustained, up moves.

I decided to try my daily-timeframe advance-decline market indicator, to filter out setups when the market had a broad-based up-day on the day of the setup (i.e >65% stocks up yesterday).

Market Internals had a dramatic impact.

On out-of-sample, the number of trades reduced by 30%.

MAR increased from 0.6 to 1.4.

Max drawdown decreased from 19% to 9.5% and average annual return increased from 11.4% to 13.7%.

Many thanks!


I have to share with you – email like this always make me a bit emotional and I feel a lot of gratitude and satisfaction when students are getting terrific results with our solutions.

And then it clicked for me:

These are my new heroes.

Guys like Craig (and you too) who are big enthusiasts of the markets, who work hard on their trading, and are generous enough to share their results (this is not the first time Craig has shared with us how well he’s doing with Market Internals).

This always makes my day.

So today, I would love to thank YOU, Better Trader Academy students and clients.

You’ve put your trust in us and we’re doing our best to provide you with the most effective trading techniques and training possible.Techniques that we know actually deliver results (because we use them too!)

For that trust in our trading solutions, your hard work and dedication in implementing them fast, and for sharing your results with us, you are my new heroes.

Thank you!

Happy trading,

Tomas and Andrew


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