There are two things in life you never say “NO” to.

First, when your grandma asks you to taste her freshly baked homemade apple pie.

And second, when a prestigious trading magazine with over 1.2 million readers from 174 countries asks you for an interview.

Personally, I consider ‘Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES’ magazine the #1 magazine for traders. I’ve been reading it for many years and consider the content to always be top quality and highly inspiring.

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Therefore, when the magazine contacted me last month for my second interview, I felt beyond grateful.

To me, this is a BIG thing.

It’s an opportunity to inspire 1.2 millions of traders.

To let them know that it CAN be done.

That you CAN become a successful, full-time trader.

And that you CAN live your dream life of freedom and financial independence.

My 3-page interview has just been published in the September 2018 issue.

The article is called ‘Travel The Trading World With Tomas Nesnidal’ and in it, you’ll discover:

  • Why breakout trading strategies are the best way to trade
  • Where you should start if you really want to become a successful trader
  • What an intermediate-level trader should be focussing on
  • Why too many traders fail and what can be done to avoid failure
  • Why the robustness of trading strategies is what matters most
  • How trading is an amazing journey of self-discovery

…and much more!

Get the ‘Travel The Trading World With Tomas Nesnidal’ interview here.

Happy trading!

Tomas and Andrew


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