2019 is here!

We’re back and ready to make it a fantastic profitable year.

So, let’s see what 2019 has in store for us this year: ONE word:


Just take a look at the markets.

The last couple of months have been a mess. Markets are down and completely losing last year’s profit.

Stability has gone and there’s a lot of hesitation and tension instead.

Not the start of the year you were hoping for, right?

Well, I have GREAT news for you… this can actually be a BLESSING.

Especially for breakout traders!

Today I’m sharing a short video on what to get ready for and how to make the most of it.

Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • Why I believe a crisis is just around the corner,
  • What bear markets and high volatility means for breakout trading,
  • Why I’m really excited,
  • How to get ready to milk this opportunity,
  • And what you can start doing NOW to prepare.

Stay excited! Grab this opportunity. BE READY AND SMASH IT.

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A HUGE opportunity for breakout traders might be coming.

Let this be your best trading year so far.

Cheers to a successful 2019.

Tomas and Andrew


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