Well it’s about time.

I finally did it.

And it felt good!

Have you ever had a task you’ve been meaning to complete for a long time, but you keep putting it off ‘for another day’.

But ‘another day’ never comes?

I’ve been doing that for a while now, but today I FINALLY got it done.

You see, my 2 kids are starting to grow up a bit now, and they have lots of baby toys they just don’t use anymore, so we’ve been storing them in the garage to take up to the local charity store to donate to other people.

I’ve been promising to take them up to the store for over a year now, and the toys were really starting to pile up, check this out (this isn’t even all of it!)

And today was the day I decided ‘enough was enough’.

It was time to get it done.

And to be honest, it felt really good too – now I’m wondering why I even bothered delaying it for so long.

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I’m sure you’ve felt the same, right?

Well at BTA we’ve been doing it too, and there’s something we have to admit to you…

We came up with an idea at the start of the year (or it may have actually been late last year), which we think you’re really going to like, but we’ve been talking about doing it ever since.

Just talking about it.

That’s all.

We’ve been putting it off like that pile of kids toys in my garage.

But finally, we said, ‘enough is enough’.

It was time to get it done.

And we think you’re going to enjoy it.

So, what is it?

We can’t say just yet, but next week all will be revealed, so watch out for our announcement next week.

This could be HUGE.

Have a great weekend,

Andrew & Tomas

P.S. If you’ve jumped to the end to see what this is all about, something BIG is coming next week, watch your email inbox for more details.

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