Being “weird” is often seen as something negative…

Like people who dress their pets up as people…

Or adult men who get dressed up like characters from My Little Pony (they’re called Bronies, don’t look it up at work),

Or those square watermelons they grow in Japan to fit more easily in the refrigerator:

But me, I think “weird” is interesting.

It adds color, variety and fun to our lives.

And those square watermelons look both practical and delicious! Yum.

So why am I talking about “weird” things today?

Well, on this week’s Breakout Trading Answered video, I share a new strategy idea called my “WEIRD NASDAQ ALGO STRATEGY”. It’s a bit weird, but it’s also quite profitable:

What’s so weird about it?

>> Click here to find out (it’s only 6 minutes long) <<



Tomas “weird is wonderful” Nesnidal

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Released: May 22, 2024

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