Ten years ago, I had a GREAT trading mentor.

His name was Mike and I’ve already talked about him several times in the past.

He was a former CIA agent, a military pilot, and a real genius.

He taught me everything about the most important thing in trading… THE RISK.

He never cared about entries or indicators or brokers or software.

His main focus was always on exits, risk management and position sizing. He traded from a very old laptop and did all his backtests in an Excel spreadsheet.

And he was making A LOT of money (in fact, he almost bought a private jet, but he changed his mind because of his wife’s intervention… yeah, ladies have different priorities, obviously, and do not understand what we men truly want and need :-) ).

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Of course, Mike and I became great friends over time. He even visited me twice in Prague and I visited him 3 or 4 times in Las Vegas. But most of the time, we spent time together over emails and over Skype. I always loved his willingness to share and I was always hungry for answers, coming up with more and more questions to satisfy my endless curiosity. In fact, if it wasn’t for Mike and everything I learned from him about risk management, I would hardly ever have enough confidence to launch and grow my own hedge fund.

Ten years later, and I’m very happy that Andrew and I can share some of our know-how and experience too. We have 20+ years of combined trading experience and are both successful traders. Thus, we have the luxury to share. Of course, our very best know-how and techniques will never be free (understandably), but besides that, we always share A LOT of valuable information often for free too.

And we would like you to take advantage of that opportunity.

So, in this blog post, let us ask you directly…

What would you like us to share more about?

Let us know. What are you hungry to learn? What are you most curious about when it comes to building a successful trading business?

Just email us and write as much as you want.

We DO read your emails. EACH of them.

And we’re happy to share.

Just click here and let us know and we’ll be back soon with some potentially juicy answers! :-)

Enjoy your summer and happy trading!

Tomas and Andrew


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