You won’t believe what happened to my car…

Some people might think that Mercedes is the most reliable car on the planet and that owning one is a real “privilege”.

Well, keep reading, this story might change your mind!

Just a few weeks ago my wife and I were about to drive to the cinema. My gas tank was practically empty, so I stopped at the gas station in our town first.

I was at the gas pump, about to start pouring gas into my Mercedes, when a totally unexpected surprise happened…

I couldn’t open the GAS LID!

Now, I’m not talking about the screwing cap, I’m talking about the lid BEFORE you reach the screwing cap. This part:

Here’s the thing. Mercedes uses a special electronic technology that only opens the lid when the wireless key is nearby (to protect it from burglars hungry for free gas).

But somehow, the mechanism broke, and I couldn’t open the lid no matter what I tried.

That means I couldn’t fill my tank. And that became a pretty serious problem. I had NO gas in the tank, so I couldn’t even drive to the nearest Mercedes service center to get some help!

Now, you might think: “there must be some manual way to open the lid from the trunk”.

Well, get this: Yes, there is. On all types of Mercedes – except for mine!

That’s probably because it’s a convertible, so the mechanism is completely different. I guess they somehow “forgot” about such a detail. There was no other way for me to open the gas lid.

So I called a towing company to get my car towed to the neighboring town (where the Mercedes service center was). I even had to pay 700 Euro (about 800 USD) for the privilege of getting it fixed and pour some gas into the tank again. And of course, for the privilege of owning a luxury brand.

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Now, why am I sharing this with you and what has it got to do with trading?

Because this story shows how much trouble one “small” missing piece can cause (like the manual opening of the gas lid). And how pricey this “small” missing piece can be.

That’s why I’d like to challenge you:

Are you sure you don’t have any “small” missing pieces in your strategy robustness testing? Because that could cost you some REALLY serious money! For that, I recommend the Breakout Strategies Masterclass, where I share one of the most comprehensive robustness testing procedures in the industry. It’s the same process we use in our hedge fund.

Or, are you sure you haven’t missed any important pieces in your strategy entries? Because if you take too many false breakouts, your trading account could dry up very quickly! (In that case, I recommend the Smashing False Breakouts solution or Trading Market Internals solution).

It’s often one simple thing, that can make our lives so much harder.

And at the same time, when that same small thing is fixed, our life can get so much more fun and easy again!

Happy trading!



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