Each year, around 30,000 people in Japan commit suicide.


Because of overwork.

They even have a word for that kind of suicide in Japanese: “Karoshi”.

And I personally think that many people around the world are close to Karoshi too.

During my last visit to the US, I was shocked to see how many people with University degrees and how many mid-level managers were driving for Uber on the weekends. As a second job. Just to be able to pay the higher and higher cost of living. (Actually, “living” is not even the right word here, it should be “surviving”).

And when I was in East Asia at the beginning of this year, I realized that having at least one free day per week is an unimaginable luxury for many.

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Humans have tendencies to overwork.

I used to overwork as a trader too.

Even 18 hours in front of a computer screen used to be nothing exceptional. To find a good edge in the markets nowadays is more challenging than ever.

Fortunately, we traders have one HUGE advantage over many other professions:

It’s called AUTOMATION.

The level of automation possible in trading is insane.

When I got a team of programmers in our hedge fund, it was incredible to see what was possible. How you can suddenly start saving ⅔ of your valuable time just because of automation. Or even more.

So, in this post I’d really like to encourage you:

Leave tasks to computers, instead of doing everything on your own. Work smarter, not harder.


And then automate even more.

Computers do not exhaust themselves. They don’t need to rest or sleep.

They’re fast. They’re precise. And they don’t make mistakes.

And if you still don’t know where to start, here are two tips:

  1. Watch the FREE 14-day breakout challenge webinar and learn about the proven M.A.C. formula (hint: the A in M.A.C. stands for Automation).
  2. If you’re a ‘Breakout Strategies Masterclass’ client, get the automation add-on. This will push the level of your automation to truly insane levels. (You can find more information in the Better Trader Academy dashboard):

Either way, work smarter, NOT harder. Automate.

Happy trading!

Tomas and Andrew


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