I know you may not believe this…

But I have to confess: When I was working on my way to becoming a full-time trader, I was extremely reluctant to learn.

Don’t get me wrong: I was READING like crazy. I read almost every book on automated trading you could find. I was RESEARCHING on the internet like crazy too, looking for any piece of helpful information I could find.

Yet, I was NOT learning.

I was just doing what everyone else out there was doing: Copying what I found and soaking in all the often WRONG mindsets of so many unprofitable traders out there.

But to me, true learning is about something completely different:

Learning starts when you push yourself out of the “well known and accepted” and start moving to truly unknown, new territories.

Because most traders are just copycats anyway, parroting what someone else said before them. They don’t have the courage to go BEYOND that noise and start thinking DIFFERENTLY.

As a result of this massive copycatting and parroting – the vast majority of traders all think the same way.

The WRONG way.

(And of course, consequently, wonder why most traders do not make a consistent living from trading).

The vast majority of traders listen just to ENTRIES.

That’s what their brains are constantly preoccupied with. They’re stuck in the mindset of “good entries are all I need to become a profitable trader”. And they’re reluctant to start exploring beyond it.

Of course, a fortunate few make the step beyond this reluctance and discover that EXITS can really make ALL the difference.

That is a great step forward. And it’s one that WILL already start setting you apart from many other traders.

But… to really go beyond the noise of the constantly failing trading herd, you need to take ONE MORE step further.


Which is exactly where most traders normally became EXTREMELY reluctant. They start throwing out reasons why it’s “NOT IMPORTANT FOR THEM YET” – just to keep protecting their old “entries-based” mindset. Things like:

  • ‘I’m not that far ahead yet’.

Which is complete BS, because clever position sizing can SKYROCKET your results even if only trading 2 contracts.

  • ‘This is just for advanced traders’.

Sure, that’s why advanced traders make money and beginners don’t. So how about learning a lesson from this and start doing what ADVANCED traders do, not just what AMATEURS do?

  • ‘I don’t have a trading account big enough for position sizing’.

This is a funny one because I started using savvy position-sizing with a 10,000 USD account and it made a HUGE difference – all it required was for me to step out of my reluctance and ignorance.

But, despite all these FACTS – traders still don’t believe me.

They still prefer to NOT learn.

And perhaps that’s a good thing, because it helps advanced traders to keep their secret well protected and the rest keep living with their excuses.

Either way, you’d probably be shocked how just 4 simple lines of savvy position sizing code can instantly double or even triple your profits on any particular trade.

Just in case you’d like to know.

Happy trading,



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