There’s one thing I’m pretty much certain about:

Most of you are very likely much smarter than me.

Definitely at least in some areas.

I realized this already when I used to give live trading masterclasses in the Czech Republic:

I could not compete with many people coming to my trading masterclasses. At least when it came to deeper levels of math, programming, logic etc.

Yet, surprisingly, many of them are still not full-time successful traders. Not even after many years. And not even despite the fact they possess my proven, cutting-edge trading know-how that I shared with them. As well as their very high intellect.

In fact, some people are surprised how it’s even possible I’m running a successful hedge fund. Without a University degree, or a Nobel-prize in math.

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But here’s the thing:

Being “smart” has nothing to do with being a profitable trader.


There are too many very smart people already in the algo trading niche. Yet, most of them can’t trade. They’re not full-time profitable traders, not even after many years of trading.


Because their brain and intellect are tricking them.

Let me explain:

The human brain is a pretty tricky organ. Subconsciously, it pulls you towards what it considers to be pleasurable for you. And contrary, it is constantly pulling you out from what it considers to not be pleasurable for you.

Now, your subconscious mind knows you much more than you think. It runs the show, directing your actions way more than you’re willing to admit. That’s because too much of our daily activities are programmed. And we usually operate on very low levels of self-awareness.

So, when it comes to trading, your subconscious mind generally wants you to be focused on the parts where the most pleasure comes from. And, it wants to keep your focus away from anything that has the potential risk of taking away that pleasure.

And now it gets really interesting.

If you consider yourself to be a very smart person (and you certainly have my admiration for that), then you probably love solving puzzles. You love being intellectually challenged. You love overcoming logic-based obstacles.

That’s because it gives you outstanding pleasure.

You feel great about yourself when you solve a puzzle. And your subconscious mind knows this, so it keeps you focused on this direction.

But here’s the trick:

At the same time, you feel very deeply that real live trading could NOT be a source of pleasure anymore. Real trading means the possibility of failure. The possibility of losing money. The possibility of unpleasant experiences.

And your subconscious mind knows this.

So it keeps you distracted from real trading as much as possible and is pushing you towards where the real pleasure is – solving puzzles.

That’s why too many traders spend most of their time with absolutely unnecessary tasks. Programming their own platforms (when we have plenty of great and proven options already). Consuming more and more trading-based content (when just two or three well-directed aspects are all you need to start trading successfully).

All this is potentially more pleasant and less risky than finally pulling the trigger.

So, that’s how and why most traders are in constant “postponement” mode while thinking they are solving “serious” problems.

But they are not.

They are just stalling.

So, what’s the solution?

You need to start seeing pleasure not only in pushing your intellectual boundaries but also your psychological comfort zones.

You need to get addicted to the discomfort and uncertainty of live trading.

Love the thrill of it.

Push your barriers to this mental discomfort every single day.

Be curious to see and learn how much you can handle.

Then, finally, your subconscious mind gets a new signal. And it will stop you postponing the real trading. While you are “too busy with building your trading spaceship, that might never take off”.

That’s the whole secret.

Happy trading,



I am thinking about a high-level trading mind/psychology training for very serious traders. What is your number #1 challenge when it comes to trading psychology? Let me know at [email protected]!


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