Is THIS the best trend indicator ever?

Remember these guys?

That’s right, they’re from the Mac vs PC ads that launched almost 20 years ago.

If not, that’s ok – it’s a timeless debate that still runs today.

It’s created many heated discussions on the benefits of one over the other.

The Mac does this.

The PC does that.

But, the PC can’t do this.

And, the Mac can’t do that.

Uggh, back and forth, back and forth. With no real winner.

The thing is… whether you go manic for a Mac or are passionate for a PC, we all have our favourite for various reasons. (My vote is for the Commodore 64!)

But how about indicators?

Everyone has their favourite too, for various reasons.

But which one is best?

In this new episode of the Breakout Trading Answered Show, Tomas analyzes 2,500 breakout strategies to identify the number one TREND indicator used in his trading.

And he’s going to share it with you, including:

  • The proven trading indicator Tomas has been using for decades
  • Works for both long and short trading
  • How to use it for perfect entries
  • How to use it for the most profitable exits
  • Full emini S&P 500 strategy code included
  • Almost $14,000 in profits for 2024 already! (Hypothetical performance)


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Released: March 13, 2024