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“You can always add more ingredients from your “kitchen” :) but overall well-structured course with a lot of right away applicable information. The course fulfilled all my expectations and is worth every cent.

Technical information in general. For me as a discretionary trader, this is the way forward and something I have been missing the most.”

Marian, Slovakia

Breakout Strategy Masterclass Student

“Thank you for these links!. And thank you, Tomas and Andrew, for making these available for Elite!. It was actually the Dow Breaker that got me interested in BTA and breakout trading methods. I hate to admit this, but when I first saw this, I thought it was going to be another B.S concept with large price tag. Now look at it…thousands of dollars in profits since release… and it was free.

This is the reason I became an avid student of BTA and convinced that Elite was the right next step. Thanks for constantly over-delivering and for being the “real deals.”

Alan, USA

Elite Student

“Tomas and Andrew did it again! Another game-changing training program loaded with priceless tips, techniques, deep research, and expert wisdom. The smart code and bonus material provided, especially the robust trading strategies, are excellent accelerators into swing trading. I’m also blown away by the collaboration from BTA students in the betterment of this program (thank you Al!).”

THANK YOU Tomas and Andrew, you’re making a huge difference!!!”

Joss, USA

Dynamic Position Sizing, Emini Breakout Strategies, Smashing False Breakouts, Breakout Strategies Masterclass, Automated Strategy Development, and Advanced Swing Strategies Student

“I’ve enjoyed “Building E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast” a lot. I think Tomas has one of the most practical approaches in the trading education industry that I’ve come across, and I appreciate his no-nonsense, no-fluff, inspirational teaching approach. There are some books and courses where you have to go through a large amount of material to find a couple of golden nuggets that you can actually apply, whereas this course is full of practical trading tips and advice.

Arek, Canada

Emini Breakout Strategies Student

“This course goes above and beyond in content and presentation. It is everything a systematic trader needs to build and test a robust trading system… This is the most detailed, fully comprehensive trading course I think I ever purchased. I am so pleased I have this course in my tool kit now. A big thank you to Bob and Andrew for all their efforts in producing this magnificent course.

Dean, Australia

Building Robust Strategies Masterclass Student

“I’m very happy that I found your website, because when I was a green man in the beginning, I bought a lot of sh*t, bullsh*t… They didn’t improve me, they made me worse than better, they made me a bad trader. That’s why I’m very happy that I met you and I learnt from Andrew and Tomas, because in index trading, especially S&P 500, it was a turning point for me.”

(3rd Place in World Cup Trading Championship 2017)

Maxim Schulz

Market Internals, Emini Breakout Strategies, and Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student.

“I started and completed the Swing Add-On course less than 1 month ago, and I have already discovered several viable, robust strategies in fixed income markets. The sample strategies included in the bonus materials are worth the price of the course alone!.

Brian, USA

Advanced Swing Strategies, Breakout Strategies Masterclass, Smashing False Breakouts, Dynamic Position Sizing, Emini, Breakout Strategies, and Automated Strategy Development Student

“The approaches presented in “Trading Market Internals” are very impressive. I very much appreciate Tomas’s insight and detailed procedure provided in the course. I think the course is fantastic. It provided me with new methods to create valuable trading strategies. This is highly recommended for everyone aiming to do a step forward in algo trading.

Chang Hui, Taiwan

Trading Market Internals, Breakout Strategies Masterclass, Advanced Swing Strategies, Smashing and False Breakouts Student

“Yesterday, I started the ‘Smashing False Breakouts’ class and immediately began applying just the timing filters, including the Dynamic Twisted DOW with the dynamic position sizing – and achieved an absolutely massive improvement.

The profit factor increased from 1.4 to 2.27 and the average trade went up to close to $210 – huge for an e-mini day trading strategy. In addition, the Return/DD went from 13:1 on the original to 18:1. In fact, the max DD really didn’t increase at all.

So, that’s a huge improvement in no more than 15 minutes of effort, only considering a single technique!.”

Shawn, USA

Smashing False Breakouts Student

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