Are you ready to explore the untapped potential of Emini S&P 500 breakout strategies?

In this episode I share a few of my best S&P 500 breakout strategies, to demonstrate the importance of early market moves, asymmetrical breakout levels, short-only strategies, risk management techniques, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Setting realistic expectations in trading strategies
  • A specific breakout model for the S&P 500 market
  • A day trading strategy on a 30-minute timeframe, including entry time and use of asymmetrical breakout levels and simple filters
  • Out-of-sample performance and risk management in the strategy
  • A swing strategy with a good sample size and different fractions of long and short trades
  • A strategy with a fixed profit target based on a 2 to 1 reward-risk ratio
  • A short-only strategy with a high average rate of return per trade
  • Using dollar-based stop losses in breakout trading strategies
  • Plus much more.

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Released: September 5, 2023