Yes, it’s finally here.

No more rumors.

No more guessing.

Over the last few months, we’ve been cooking up something juicy for you…

And today we’re proud to announce the Better Trader Academy Podcast is finally out!

Filled with laughs, learnings and lighthearted conversations, we discuss the hot trading topics, answer your spicy trading questions and interview some of our most successful students, uncovering key tips and the ‘secret herbs and spices’ to trading success.

And to celebrate the launch of the brand new BTA trading podcast, we’ve just released 3 delicious episodes for you to devour (plus 2 bonus episodes being served up later in the week).

Here’s just a small lip-smacking taste of what you’ll hear in episodes 1-3:

  • Does breakout trading really work? Anton N. has some firms’ views, saying “breakouts can’t be made to work” and “it’s stupid” – hear what Tomas has to say in reply!
  • Why false breakouts usually come in long streaks and how you can use this knowledge to achieve better trading results,
  • The 4 different types of breakout timing and how they impact the number of false breakouts your trading strategies have to suffer,
  • Swing trading and the #1 key to successful swing trading,
  • The importance of exits (for swing-based strategies and other trading styles too),
  • The different styles of exits and which ones are the most effective for strategy performance,
  • Some valuable insights from one of Tomas’ favorite teachers, including a surprising lesson on the importance of exits over entries,
  • Plus, loads more!

To see exactly what we’ve cooked up for you, get yourself over to the trading feast at these links:

Episode 1 – Introducing the brand new BTA trading podcast (and what the heck are we doing here?)

Episode 2 – How to reduce the damaging impact of false breakouts

Episode 3 – Understanding exits and the #1 ingredient to successful swing trading

And if you’re hungry for more, watch out for 2 more episodes later this week – we’ve got some extra special guests who want to join the banquet!

Bon Appetit,

Andrew & Tomas

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