About two months ago, Andrew and I had a great conversation about elite traders.

We were both in the U.S., and the conversation was spread over a few days. It usually happened either in Starbucks, or Red Lobster, 2 of our favorite places!

Both Andrew and I have quite a lot of connections among elite traders. Andrew interviewed a lot of them for his podcast (and still keeps in touch with many of them), and I’ve been in the trading business long enough to make quite a few trading friends. They may not be “famous”, but their trading performance definitely can be called “elite”.

And while talking about the attributes of elite traders, we realized an encouraging thing:

There are a few potentially elite traders in our Breakout Masterclass community already.

Now, let me make myself clear. Being an elite trader doesn’t mean you have to be famous and have a 40-year track record (like Robert Pardo).

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Being elite can start with simply pushing your boundaries harder and further than everyone else. Then doing it consistently, every day, and getting results because of that.

In fact, this is exactly what makes SEALs and SAS elite too: They were not born elite. But they constantly push their boundaries, every single day. They’re ready to go out of their comfort zones (to extremes) at anytime. And instead of complaining when things get tough or don’t go according to the plan – they’re flexible enough to adjust, regroup, and get the job done no matter what.

And if you’re already a member of the Breakout Masterclass community, it’s not hard to spot quite a few names who never settle with mediocre.

They’re always looking to push themselves further.

And they’re getting results.

So, please, never settle down. Never be satisfied. Trading is a never-ending journey, so always push your boundaries. Always aim higher.

Until you become the SEAL or SAS of trading.

Happy trading!



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