My hedge fund is close to finalizing a deal.

This deal would mean up to 100 million Euro invested in my hedge fund over the next year.

Now, don’t get me wrong – until everything is signed and done, I’m definitely not celebrating yet. I know that closing deals like this can be hard and I know how much can go wrong.

However, I’m pretty excited by the fact that even negotiations like this are already happening. Think about this:

About 5-6 years ago, I was a regular retail trader.

I was developing strategies on my home computer, crunching neverending data in Excel spreadsheets and working hard on new trading ideas.

Then I got a crazy idea to start managing money for others: My strategy development framework kept proving itself for many years and even paid for all my fancy travels (which until today covers 65 countries).

So, in 2017 we launched my Hedge Fund. I had no idea what would happen. I had no expectations. And I wasn’t doing anything that special either: just continued doing and trading EXACTLY what I was already doing and trading as a retail trader.

And just 3 years later, we’re talking about 9-figure investments already! Holy cow!

You see, this is the beauty of taking risks and continuously pushing your boundaries. You never know where you could end up in a few years!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering:

So, what is the 100 million Euro idea that our biggest institutional investor appreciates and trusts?

In fact, it’s nothing magical.

He just loves the whole idea of the combination screening concept we implemented. He loves that the entire approach is already used by giant pharma companies, and that gives him confidence.

He loves our ‘system sizing’ method and extraordinary robustness procedures I’ve been using successfully for years (and I share in the Breakout Masterclass too).

And he loves that we’re not impulsive nor conservative about position sizing. He understands we work with position sizing in a completely new way, dynamically, based on probabilities.

And that is really all. Combined with the results we proved to him with a ‘few million testing dollars’, this was enough to start moving ahead with this big deal.

So you see, no magic here. I just keep doing what I’ve been doing for almost a decade already.

Now cross fingers we close that deal soon! :-)

Happy trading!



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