It’s a pretty scary experience when you witness a real death for the first time. 

When I was studying at film school, I was working on the very first MISSION IMPOSSIBLE installment. 

As an 18-year-old student, I had this enormous privilege to stand face to face with Tom Cruise (or maybe that would be face to chest since I’m so tall and he’s so short…) as well as witness and admire Brian De Palma’s directing magic. 

And it was also the place where I had the unpleasant chance to witness real DEATH for the very first time.

It was during one very cold night in Prague (this is where the very first Mission Impossible was shot). The production was filming the opening scene taking place on the famous Charles bridge. The temperature was really low, below -10 Celcius. The shooting was during the night (all were night scenes) and the atmosphere was a bit stressful – as it often happens during a movie shooting.

Now, there were a few seniors on the film set working too – mostly as extras.

And obviously, for one older man, the conditions were just too much. Because one night, he had a heart attack.

It happened in the dining tent, during a big dinner, with hundreds of people around. All of sudden, this old man stopped eating… looked around… then fell on the ground – and then he was gone. Just like that.

Of course, the set was full of medical assistance and a team of medics were by the man in literally seconds. Trying everything they could do – including defibrillation.

But nothing helped. The man was already gone. Forever.

Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty scary experience to witness a real death for the first time. This definitely leaves a real stain in your memory forever.

But let me tell you, even a much less dramatic kind of death can mess with you as well.

I’m talking about the death of a long-profitable trading strategy.

I still remember when my very first algo trading strategy exceeded its historical maximum drawdown.

I felt paralyzed and had no idea what to do. Of course, the strategy was completely dead and it was obvious. But I didn’t want to admit that to myself and rather tried to do everything I could to “resuscitate it” – the same way the medical team tried on the movie set.

And of course, because it was my very first “strategy death” experience, I did not succeed. After a few weeks of trying, I had to send the strategy to the trader’s graveyard forever.

But that was many years ago.

Since then, a lot has changed. I went through many new experiences, did a tremendous amount of research into many areas of algo-trading and spent quite a lot of time testing thousands of different approaches and ideas.

And this is where I stand with the “strategy-death” thing now:

1. Now I know how to bring a dead strategy back to life. And it’s not even that difficult. In fact, even some of our students have been proving how easy it can be too. It can be done through some savvy techniques like ‘Smashing False Breakouts’. Just watch this FREE online training showing how one trader used it to successfully resuscitate a totally dead trading strategy.

An example from the free ‘Smashing False Breakouts’ online training.
A dead trading strategy was completely revived (without curvefitting).

But… here’s an even more important point:

2. Even though I do now know how to revive a dead trading strategy, I would probably go another direction anyway. I simply learned how to build fresh, brand-new and highly reliable trading strategies fast too – and that would be my priority now. I just can’t resist the freshness of new strategies – it’s like the fresh smell of an Amazon package just delivered with your exciting order inside. (And if you still don’t know how to build good trading strategies fast, watch this FREE online training where you can discover my M.A.C. formula to fast strategy development).

So, simply said, what’s in heaven is in heaven and might not be good bringing it back to earth anymore.

Even though it can be fun seeing how even dead trading strategies can be brought back to life again.

Long live our best trading strategies!



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