The other day I saw an ad on TV which reminded me of a shocking (and highly dangerous) thing we used to do as kids.

The ad was set in a car. The car was full of people, and the passenger sitting in the middle of the back seat wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Everyone was having a great time talking and laughing, when the car suddenly came to a halt, crashing into the back of another vehicle.

We’re given a brief sense of the middle passenger hurtling towards the windscreen, and then the ad cuts to an injured person laying on the road.

Now even though the ad didn’t show any graphic details, it was still a shocking reminder of the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Even more shocking though, was the memory I had of sitting in the front (bench) seat of a car when I was a kid, with NO seatbelt on. I can’t believe we did this as kids!

Seatbelts became mandatory in Australia just before I was born, but I think the law may have been pretty lax for a while after that, as everyone transitioned to this “new school” standard of road safety.

And thank goodness we’ve moved on from the “old school”. I’m sure countless lives have been saved by this progress in safety standards, even if people thought it wasn’t necessary at the time.

Plus, even if some “old school” techniques have been effective in the past, that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. With better research and understanding, some “old school” approaches have even been shown to be plain wrong or dangerous, and “new school” approaches have taken their place.

However, we don’t just see this type of progress improve the personal aspects of our lives, we can also see it in trading.

In fact, trading is full of “old school” ideas that have been passed down through the ages. Many of these ideas are just accepted without really questioning if they work, or if there are better ways to do it.

So in the August 2020 “Mythbuster” issue of “The Empowered Trader” club, we look at 3 popular “Old school” ideas that many traders still live by.

Are they true or are they myths?

Some of the results may surprise you, but it’s invaluable knowledge for traders that want to achieve high-level results.

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