The human brain has some staggering capabilities.

Yet, we still don’t know how to use it to its full potential.

What we do know for sure is that if ANY part of the brain gets damaged…

…another part of the brain can take over instead!

This brain research field is called “neuroplasticity”. And it keeps repeatedly proving that even with a large part of the brain fully damaged, another part can be trained to take over its function.

For example, some people lose their motor abilities after a stroke. They completely stop moving – but not because something is wrong with their bodies. It’s simply that the part of the brain sending the appropriate electric impulses for movement stops functioning.

And although this might seem like a desperate and helpless situation, the truth is, that with the help of neuroplasticity and the appropriate training, another healthy part of the brain can take over all the motor functions. There can even be a complete recovery!

But there is also another part of the neuroplasticity field, which is equally fascinating:

Not only can parts of the brain take over the functions of others, but parts of the brain that are not being used might be completely “lost”!

Many experts in the neuroplasticity simply call this phenomenon “use it, or lose it”. Simply said, if we don’t keep using our brain, we will start losing many abilities. And the results of this brain inactivity can be potentially very damaging – including developing Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

So why am I sharing this fascinating research with you?

I simply believe that ‘use it, or lose it’ is a great analogy for trading too.

During my trading career, I’ve observed that the problem of many “traders” is that they spent years “studying” and “perfecting” trading, but never actually pull the trigger. They acquire a lot of knowledge, even build trading strategies or portfolios, but they never actually use it. And if they do not use it, then…

1. that acquired knowledge will probably vanish one day because they never gave themselves the chance to practice what they acquired,
2. they’re potentially losing out on many trading opportunities – just because they’re not using what they have learned so far.

So, let me ask you directly:

What is it that might be holding YOU back from going all in and using what you have and know?

In the case of “not having enough capital”, simply find some people around you to pool some resources together. I’ve seen this many times. Even groups of traders (all my former students) pulling their own resources and trading strategies together, to move forward faster and safer. There are many people in this world, ready to risk even a few grand and invest in new, interesting and potentially financially rewarding ideas.

Or, if you still feel you don’t have enough trading strategies or trading ideas, definitely watch this free Combination Screening workshop.

Or perhaps you lack confidence. You’re still not 100% sure that your strategies are robust enough and ready for real markets and real money. Well, in that case you definitely should join the community of outstanding traders we have in the Breakout Masterclass community. (I can’t emphasize how much this group is special, helpful and driven compared to anything I’ve ever seen on the internet). We have real traders with real results there and they definitely are an amazing support for each other. Besides, the masterclass alone will give you a ton of confidence that it can be done and will show you exactly how.

And if you had some bad experiences of losing your money in the past… well, we all did. That is part of learning. I’ve never met a successful trader who didn’t have to learn from his mistakes first. So, to me, this is not an excuse. This is just an unnecessary postponement. Forget the past, learn from your mistakes and focus on the now. Pull the trigger.


Without action, there is no reaction. Without an input, there’s no output. And without courage, there is no journey.

So start USING what you know and have already learned.

Don’t become another victim of ‘use it or lose it’.

Happy trading!



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