People seem to be VERY surprised when they realize that as a professional trader and hedge-fund manager/owner, I did NOT study at any relevant school.

But it’s true.

In fact, I studied at a FILM school.

I always loved watching movies. So, since I was 11, I wanted to be one of the people creating them. I wanted to be another Steven Spielberg! :-)

So, I went to film school. That was fun and I LOVED it. But after that…reality happened. I still loved making movies, but as an artist, I was always poor and literally starving. I still remember long months, during which I couldn’t even afford to pay rent and had to live on the cheapest spaghetti only.

It’s no wonder that one day I said “ENOUGH”. And I did a big U-Turn. With my next profession, I really wanted to make some serious money and do other things, especially traveling.

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So, I learned trading, from A to Z. And eventually became a hedge fund manager and owner too. It was quite a journey, I can tell you!

But I still did NOT give up on filming.

Occasionally, I still create a short video and keep finding it joyful and relaxing work.

In fact just recently I needed to take a short break from recent trading research and do something creative. So I created a video called How To Launch Your Trading Higher.

And I personally think I managed to create a really GREAT video I believe is worth watching!

Cheers and happy trading!