No, I’m not going to ‘offend’ anyone in this post (not even the Kardashians – which is always tempting!).

I just want to talk about something I almost NEVER talk about. So you’d better read this post till the end.

Because the chances are that you will not hear me talking about this one particular thing again (or at least for a long time).

And it is about how to be more OFFENSIVE in your trading.

Yes, you read that right.

99% of the time I usually write about how to be “defensive” in trading. Because from my vast experience, an outstanding defense is the very core of a successful battle. A perfect defense is what I used to spend most of my time with in my private trading and what we spend most of the time in our hedge fund too. If your defense is really great, then the profits will take care of themselves.

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However, sometimes it’s fair to talk about offensive trading approaches too.

And if I really HAD TO talk about what I believe is the #1 best offensive approach

…it definitely would be this one:


Basically, this offensive approach consists of two components.

The first one is striking only after THE MARKET BLASTS. Yes, I’m talking about MOMENTUM.

A properly timed entry needs good momentum. Without it, there’s not much chance of a good market move, and therefore profit. Of course, there are many ways to measure the right amount of momentum to enter the market. I personally use well designed and calculated breakout levels, which when reached, provide a good chance the momentum will continue.

But that is just one part. The second part of my ideal offensive approach is…


I totally HATE holding my positions for too long. To me, the longer I have to participate in a battlefield, the higher the chances I will be hurt, or even beaten up.

So, that’s why my very preferred exit option is often the End-of-day exit. That’s why I LOVE algo-daytrading. The risk is simply lower. (In markets where I know daytrading doesn’t work as great as I wish, or the Avg Trade is too low, I then opt for SWING breakout strategies).

That is how I like thinking about being OFFENSIVE in trading.

Fast, efficient and only when the momentum is fully on my side. Nothing more complicated than that.

Happy trading!


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